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Game instruction


You can use this kind of a game for example with new groups in get-to-know-you situations. This game suits most groups: children, young people, adults, elderly persons and people with special needs.


We have this one example for you:


Get to know exercise


Time: 20 min

Materials: small papers and pencils



This game starts with everyone writing things down on the papers. These things can be for example hobbies, colours, interests or anything you like or dislike. Everyone could have 3 - 5 papers.

When everyone is ready, the facilitator mixes all the papers. After that, everyone picks 3 - 5 papers (as agreed). When everyone has new papers they should think which of these things suit them and which don’t.

Then, all the group members start walking around the room. When they meet each other, they discuss the words they have in their papers. While the group members are discussing, they should exchange papers with each other. The idea is to find as many things as possible that suit you.

Finally, the whole group discusses together about their feelings and things that were written in the papers.


Writers: Kukka Heiskanen and Maija Autio,  students from the degree programme in Crafts and Recreations

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