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Two Directions – one Island

Two Directions – one Island tells the stories of Coochiemudlo Island. Redland Art Gallery has chosen two local artist to bring forth their visions of the rich in nature island. David Allan Seibert was born in United States but has lived in Coochiemudlo island for the past 32 years. His  works are from the 'Island Garden Series' which is his response to the vibrant natural enviroment of the island. He uses gouache, acrylic and graphite to create contrasts of wet and dry, rough and smooth.

Annie Jamieson was born in Australia but lived in Melbourne and moved to the Brisbane area twelve years ago. Her visual arts pursuit began in 1980 mainly for relaxation but took a turn to something more serious as the yeats went by and in 2003 Annie Jamieson became the tutor at the Yurara Art Society. “My art practise does not come easily.” She sais in her Artist statement of the art show. “ A painting evolves from hidden to subconscious sources and may take hours to realise or nay find resolution in a very short period of time. For me, oil painting has a quality that cannot be matched for lusciousness and viscosity. My art practise is always a challenge, full of highs and lows, looking without seeing one day, evaluation the next and then possibly the next day resulting a finished work.”

I loved Annie Jamieson's art. It was filled with expression and feeling. I could feel the warmth of Australia in her beatiful paintings potraying flora of Coochiemudlo island. In some of the paintings the plants are recognisable to the finest detail on others they are hazy like an old memory. Her strokes are bold and daring and reflect the feeling of the painting. I was lucky enough to be in the opening of the art show where a harpist played beautiful music that reflected the mood of the paintings perfectly.

Two Directions – one Island
Painted works by Annie Jamieson and David Allan Seibert
Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland, Australia
Sunday 17 April – Wednesday 8 May 2011


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